Album art and design

We sold almost all of our physical CDs at the E.P. release show the other night (which was an absolute BLAST btw). If you didn’t buy one or haven’t seen it, we were lucky enough to have the wonderful and talented Allie Runnion design our CD. Check out her blog for an IN-DEPTH view into her work.

Also our dearest friend Bonnie Fitch did the beautiful album art. She posted the other possible cover art options that she had made for us and MAN they were all so great I still can’t believe we were able to choose one.

opal puckett cd

More CDs are on their way! Thanks again for a memorable night – pictures and vids to come soon!


New E.P. coming January 6th!

NEW E.P, JANUARY 6TH, THAT’S TOMORROW YOU GUYS. Maaan we are SO excited! Here’s a vid from the mastering session with our talented friend Ian Doerr. It’s been a wild and exciting journey getting this album done and we feel blessed to have so many friends helping to support its release.

Our release show is this coming Saturday, January 11th, at Opus 99. Details in the Facebook event!

PorchFest tomorrow! (with our new band member!)

We are pumped for tomorrow!

The suuun will be shining, we’ll be playing some new songs, and the BEST part is that we’ll be introducing our new band member. It’s a surprise, so don’t even bother asking AW WHAT THE HECK I GOT A NEW GUITAR. Sorry – spoilers. But yes, it’s true, I got a Martin 1939 0-18 and it sounds absolutely wonderful. If anything, just come to check this thing out, it’s a beaut.

As a refresher, we’re playing from 2-4, the first hour as Opal Puckett playing our doo-woppy oldies and indie-folk, and then the second hour as Hello Ghost with our friends and family Steve and Amy Pardo. It should be low-key, fun, and an overall beautiful day.

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, May 18 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

19 Spencer Ave, Somerville, MA