Hymns in your HAND


We made a thing and now you can touch it! And JUST IN TIME FOR THE HONDA-DAYS

…we’ve released a small run of our album “Hymns” as a CD in a *lovely* cardboard sleeve. Only made 100 of these babies, so get ’em while they last! CD should arrive before Christmas for US residents.

Huge thanks to Bonnie Fitch for the beautiful album cover and Allie Grace Design for puttin it all together! Find it at our Bandcamp page.

New album!


We’re so excited to share with you this labor of love we’ve been working on for the past year and a half! It’s a collection of old, traditional hymns and we’re pretty excited with how it’s turned out. Give it a listen, share it with your friends, and ENJOY IT! :)

Spectacle Island

Sooo…we played music on an island!

We were joined by some really amazing artists, most notably The Wiles. We PRETTY MUCH loved their sound. Do yourself a favor and go give them a listen!

Gorgeous tunes on a gorgeous day! Thanks, Opal Puckett. #opalpuckett

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We’ve got some pro videos and pictures coming from this show that we’re excited to check out and share with you guys. We also have some exciting, non-island related news coming your way, so be prepared for some new tuuunnnes!

We’re playing at Club Passim!

club passim

This is a pretty cool one. We’ve been wanting to play here for quite a while. Lots of history at this place – it should be a party!

We don’t have any other shows planned in the near future, so if you’ve somehow missed our last couple shows then BE THERE.

– OP

T.T. The Bear’s TONIGHT

Who’s excited to hear some FOLK MUSIC ON A MONDAY NIGHT I KNOW I AM

But for real, we’re actually really excited. There’s gonna be some great folk bands playing with us – Dear Creek, Christians & Lions, and Midwest. Dear Creek and Midwest have great songs and appaaarently this is like a reunion show for Christians & Lions (and I’ve only heard good things) so BE THERE.

Also, yesterday, Cara and I went out on the Charles River in our kayaks and then I bought ice cream from an ICE CREAM TRUCK. It was so magical. I actually…don’t hate being outside? What’s happening I don’t even understand. So anyway, come celebrate life and good weath with us tonight because things are good.

We go on at 9, hope to see you there!


First time taking the kayaks out this year and maaannnn was it amazing.

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