Somerville PorchFest at 5/18 and gig TONIGHT!


We are extremely excited for this! If you haven’t heard of Porchfest, it’s basically people playing music on porches all across Somerville for a whole day. I KNOW it sounds amazing. Opal Puckett will be playing at a friends house near Davis Square (19 Spencer Ave, Somerville) and we’re ALSO gonna be performing with our other band, Hello Ghost, as well! Check out the music tab above for a listen. Hello Ghost includes Steve and Amy Pardo (Jonathan’s bro and sister-in law) and we haven’t played a show in oh I don’t know about a year. We have some great new songs to showcase for the first time, so YES this is big. May 18th. Come to this.

Also, TONIGHT we are playing at our favorite restaurant, B Street. If you haven’t come yet this place is worth the trip. We’ve fallen in love with the people and LET’S JUST BE HONEST the food is amazing. We have a few new songs that we’re excited to play for the first time, so come hang!


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